Solution for Bluetake BT100S with PPC2003 on Dell Axim X5

I have made available a freeware application that provides a solution for the power-on lockup issue when the Bluetake BT100S Bluetooth card is installed in an Axim X5 running PPC2003 system.
It allows the user to disable and re-enable the Widcomm v1.2.2 Bluetooth stack as required. When the Widcomm v1.2.2 Bluetooth stack is disabled the Axim X5 can be powered off & on without locking up.

Please download the following zip file which contains the application and installation instructions

This application provides a work-around and is not a full solution, but it does allow the Axim to suspend correctly on power off so that power consumption is minimal. In my experience if the Axim is powered off without disabling the Widcomm stack the power consumption is considerably higher and can drain the battery in a few hours.

When Bluetake release new drivers for the BT100S, wishfull thinking!, then this application will be redundant, but meantime....