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February 2019 Issue

This issue includes a report on this years Harp Hilly Hundred and the minutes from the 2018 AGM.

Club Runs

We are planning to start the usual Wednesday monthly clubs runs for 2019 in early March if the weather is conducive. Details will be emailed to club members

Harp Hilly Hundred 2019

Another successful promotion with a full pre-entry of 200 riders even though the uptake was rather slower than previous years. The weather on the day started cold but apart from the descent from Ivinghoe Beacon there were no reports of ice on the routes. The threat of ice and cold conditions obviously played on the minds of the 70 non starters who missed out a calm day without the usual strong headwind from Dunstable to the Aston Clinton climb. .

profile Presentation to the Waterways Experience

Berkhamsted CC still turned out in force to claim the Harp Hilly Shield for the 5th year running soundly beating the Verulam CC in 2nd place with 58 finishers to 21

profile Presentation to Cure Leukaemia by Thomas Holdstock

With a handful of entries on the day and some gratefully received donations we were able to donate £1600 to charity. The four selected charities for 2019 being Dogs Trust, MIND, Cure Leukaemia and the Waterways Experience.


Thanks to Mick C, Mick K, Dave Pratchett, Dave LeFevre, Jim, Bob, Wally, Den, Dickie, Malcolm and our new chairman Pete and his wife Liz. for helping on the day

Minutes of Harp Road Club AGM held on Wednesday October 24th 2018 @ Blackwells, 10 Common Lane, Chipperfield, Kings Langley, WD4 9BS

Present : Mick Clark (Secretary), Jim Williams (Chair), Richard Hutt (HHH organiser), Graham Holdstock (Treasurer) Dave Le Fevre, Bob Degavino, Dennis Fletcher, Richard Thwaites, Pete Coombs, Wally Warren, Mick Konopacki.

Apologies received from Andrew Hutt, Dave Pratchett, Phil Corley, Malcolm & Alison Putman.

Meeting commenced at 1400 hrs

1) Minutes of 2017 meeting. Read and approved with no matters arising.

2) Chair's review of the year. Copy attached. Jim wished to thank the Treasurer, Secretary & HHH organiser for their continuing hard work before standing down as Chair.

3) Financial Report. Harp RC has 21 members and with the HHH making £156 profit together with a donation from DBY, there was a surplus of £26.09 which culminates in a healthy total of £1331.06 in the account. Graham reported he has been requested by our Bank to provide a copy of the club's constitution in order to maintain the account together with a validation request regarding our entity. If a copy of the constitution cannot be traced, then it will have to be re-written and Graham is exploring specimen wording via the internet for the basis of a replacement updated version. An EGM will have to be called to certify any redraft.

4) Affiliations: CTT subs have already been paid by Richard and WLC membership to continue via Jim as their Treasurer.

5) Promotions for 2019. HHH date is January 20th and entry fee will be increased to £12 in order cover predicted additional costs for insurance & food. Dunstable RC & Berkhamsted CC have shown interest in promoting events to cover clubs dropping out the 'Chiltern 100' series. Richard warned the meeting he was interested in taking over as North London CTT club events Secretary which would mean he would have little time to organise the entry side as one of the busiest times would be January and he couldn't give HHH full attention. Whilst he could deal with the signing on/off side, answering queries and taking online entries would be too much and could hopefully be taken over by somebody else in the club. Mick C commented on the successful club-runs held this year and as always new venues were welcomed. If the weather looks favourable, rides would start in March 2019.

6) 2019 Officers appointments. Secretary, Treasurer & HHH organiser have all agreed to continue in their roles and Pete Coombs has agreed to take Jim's place as Chair. Mick C thanked Jim for all his hard work throughout the previous years.

7) Appointment of Auditors. Treasurer advised Mr. J.W.Keighley was willing to continue.

8) Charity donation(s). Pete Coombs has suggested a small donation to the Dog's Trust doing excellent work rehousing canines and Graham Holdstock gave a progress report on his son Thomas's ride across the States supporting Cure Leukaemia which the meeting thought a worthy cause to donate to. It was agreed January 1st 2019 would be the cut-off date for further suggestions.

9)A.O.B. Celebrations for our 80th had a mixed response with the club ride from Redbourn proving successful but the ride thrown open to past members was disappointing with only three present despite an email sent to about a dozen for the ride from Haddenham. Decals have been bought and distributed but there's some left if anybody else is interested. Dave Pratchett's suggestion of a commemorative 80th year 'Half Link' was discussed but in view of lack of interest shown by past members and the amount of work which Richard would have to undertake in order produce copy, it was decided not to pursue this venture. Dave's other suggestion about more club runs was noted. It was agreed isn't a problem with any member suggesting a time/place to meet either mid-week or Sunday for a ride, just throw out and email and see what response you get.

There being no other business, meeting closed at 14.40 hrs

Chair Report 2018

The Harp Road Club's 80th Anniversary year comes to an end and we look back on the highlights.

At the beginning of the year was the as always successful Harp Hilly Hundred. The weather was unkind for the pre-meeting when it snowed and the Mops and Brooms car-park was totally white, but this did not turn out to be a forecast of weather to come and another successful event with £1200 being donated to Cyclist Fighting Cancer, Prostate Cancer UK and Cycling UK Fighting Fund. Thanks to everyone who turned out to help.

Mick and Richard sorted out 7 club runs this year. Dave was lead for a run to Theydon Bois to which I almost made the lunch rendezvous but ran out of time with 5 miles to go. I don't know this part of the world at all and was pleasantly surprised by all the cycle paths through the various woods. It was hillier than expected but once you climb up onto the ridge, the views across London are magnificent. We had 2 anniversary rides, the first for club members over 80 kms following the HHH route with lunch at Wendover Woods - the climb up to lunch was pretty wicked and a few fell by the wayside - Pete was heard to say that next time he would fit lower gears - where does Bob get his tyres they are rubbish. The run started at the Hub in Redbourne and the Hubmeister joined us for the ride - he organised a free drink for our return and promised a discount for Harpies on bike bits. It was good to see Terry - he seems to be getting younger every time I see him and looked like an Italian expro. The second anniversary ride included ex-members Tad, Al Asher and Doug Morbey - I couldn't make this ride as doing some 450 miles touring in Northern England with Ken Pearce. Pete organised his annual ride through the enjoyable and quiet lanes which always makes the Londoners jealous.

Richard was dashing around in club colours again this year. He won two Medium Gear events, Diss & District 25 and Brighton Mitre 10. He also set the record for the first rider over 60 years old to beat the hour for a MG 25 with 59.24 in the Lea Valley event. The Chair also put on the colours for his annual 10 out at Longwick and just managed evens on his Mal Rees with 10 gears and was awarded the retro trophy. There have been various health problems over the year for members - only to be expected as we are all getting older - but we are all still here and riding our bikes.

I am passing the Chair over to someone who can participate in more club runs than I can. People, take care it's dangerous out there.